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Join date: Jan 2, 2019


Life does seem to get in the way. My best intention was to get on the website and forum more. I keep telling myself that good stuff takes time, right?

Anyway. I look forward to talking flying with ya’ll on this forum. I appreacaite you watching and welcome any comments or suggestions that you have!

For instance another fan on a different forum said that I should explain the jargon I use better. What do ya’ll think? Do I need to do that? Please let me know what you think.

Also, is there a topic that you’d like to see? Perhaps prior notice of whats on the video list for the next couple of weeks? I should be posting the Grand Canyon flyover video on Monday. The following video will be Finding Best Glide for the Skywagon at gross weight. If there is a big gap we need a rule of thumb to interpolate.

Thanks again!


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