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About Gunny Perdue

FlyWire is about exploring flight and the freedom this incredible experience brings us on a personal level. Flying has always captured the imagination and excitement of living life to its fullest. Hi, I'm Scott Perdue. In a former life I flew the  F-4 and F-15E, more recently I retired from a major airline. My callsign from the Air Force is Gunny, given I imagine because I spent 8 years as an enlisted Marine. Nothing to do with my attitude, I'm sure!


I was on the School paper in High School and College. I've written for several aviation magazines over the years, was a consultant for RAND, the USAF, Navy, NASA as well as few others, wrote a military thriller- 'Pale Moon Rising' (still on Kindle). I restored my Stearman after 9 and half years of working on the project. I had lots of help along the way and in 2003 we showed it at Oshkosh. We did well, but I don't think I'll ever do that again!


Mostly I like flying, or teaching flying. I was an Instructor Pilot in the Air Force and got my FAA CFI certificates the old fashioned way. Some of the most fun I had was with Tom Gresham on a TV show called 'Wings to Adventure". We flew lots of different airplanes all over the country. Now with FlyWire I want to showcase the fun in flying, share the joy and freedom of flight and explore the world with you. Make sure you subscribe on YouTube if you want to go along for the ride!

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