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Bonanza Accident Hotwash- Corona B36TC

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

I think this accident in particular highlights several areas we, as general aviation pilots, need to keep in the forefront of our minds.

First let's talk about recency of experience. There is no Harm nor Foul in not having flown for a stretch of time. Life happens to all of us and sometimes that means we don't get to fly for a month, a year, or several years. The important thing is to realize that with the passage of time you are no longer as good a pilot as the last time you flew. Reading this you are most likely a human and human performance degrades with time, whether we realize it or not. It happens to everyone. Getting recurrent should be foremost in your mind, have a plan, go out and do it before you take passnegers. Regular training is a GOOD thing, in fact it is a hallmark of a professional approach to flying. Training is how we get better and get to make those "No Drama' flights. Recent experience was a factor in this accident.

Another factor was distraction. In this accident the elevator trim was mis-set. It was not caught during the pre-flight activity. The airplane reaction to the mis-set trim led to a preoccupation on the part of the crew and resulted in the loss of Situational Awareness. That los of SA resulted in the airplane departing the paved surface under power and its subsequent destruction.

As general aviation pilots we need to focus on the things that can kill us. It is those risks that put our hobby, our passion, some might even say our obsession, in jeopardy. Dan Gryder is trying to highlight the importance of regular training with several YouTuber's starting with FlightChops. Check out the videos that FlightChops is making on the subject. Really excellent stuff. From that experience Dan has put together a proposed training program that is patterned after the Commercial Airline AQP program. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution to GA accidents, but this AQP Annual Flight Review may help you. Check it out:

Here's the video:

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