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UPRT "Upset Prevention and Recovery Training"series

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

This series of videos cover various topics. First is a link to the UPRT Playlist on Youtube with all the videos. I'll add commentary and embed videos as I go along so you can check out the things that interest you.

The whole idea of UPRT is not to learn spins, yes we do spins, but the idea is to learn when you about to drop off the edge of the world so you can recover the airplane from any unplanned upset.

The FAA has a wordy definition of what an Upset is. I believe in the KISS rule and the simple truth is that an Upset is any attitude, or maneuver, that you didn't initiate. If you do a loop or a Split-S on purpose you go through some unusual attitudes, but you planned on them. If you go through a Wake vortex and end up upside down you didn't plan it. It is an unusual Attitude, an Upset. And sometimes Recovery from an Upset is not simple and your first reaction may be absolutely wrong.

Here is the first video in the series: "Nose High and Low Unusual Attitude Recoveries."

Spiral Divergence is a Thing. Bonanzas have a very nice roll and pitch response that results in very nice handling qualities. To do that for roll, the airplane has a slight roll instability designed into it to enhance roll control and feel. One aspect of this roll instability is the airplane will fall off into an accelerating spiral. At airspeeds above the Yellow line all Bonanzas have the ability to exceed designed load factors. In particular V-Tails have 9G of authority at those speeds. Even Utility category airplane load limit is 4.4G, making the limit load 6.6G. If you snatch pitch above the yellow line you can and will break or bend something. All airplanes have some spiral divergence response and this video is relevant for any straight wing airplane. Check it out:

Here are a few Academic Topics to flesh out your UPRT knowledge:

This is the introduction to the course. UpSet Prevention and Recovery Training:

The ultimate goal of UPRT is to learn how to stay away from the edge and keep the airplane under control. The thing to take away is the Spin Prevent. Here is a good video on that:

Flight Control and Instrument Malfunctions is an Academic video covering some very important topics:

Windshear and Microbursts:

Bonanza Accident Review- Spatial Disorientation. This video reviews two Bonanza accidents and one of them was near and dear to my heart. My Dad owned it and I flew in it a lot when I was a kid!

Spinning a Bonanza with Shannon UPRT-1. This is ride one of the UPRT program. I did this ride with Shannon as a CFI checkout program.

FlyWire Accelerated Spins. This is a new look at a video I shot years ago with my Extra 300L. We explore what happens in a spin when you input ailerons, power and pitch. It isn't what you might think!

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