T6 Checkout Training- Spins

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

In the last video FlyWire put out we published a near perfect engine out exercise. When you fly single engine airplanes you really need to know, and have practiced, how to fly the airplane and land it when the engine quits. this one started from 5,000' and worked out really well. A 'For Real' engine failure with the propeller stopped would probably see a better glide ratio, with a little better margin for error. I just can't bring myself to actually fail an engine inflight on single engine airplane. Maybe it's just me;)

Part of my checkout program in high performance airplanes such as the T6 is Spin training. Specifically, Spin prevents and Spins. Check out the channel tomorrow when we post the Spin video from this training session. Some great camera angles and gyrations. I think its really cool and the training is real world helpful.


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