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Recently I saw a post on Facebook about how to make your own music to hang on to your windows 7 laptop when it gets stolen. (And it happens more than you think.) There’s a great song called “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” that does exactly this. So I decided to make my own version of the song, and I’ve posted it on my blog, so you can do the same. The song is sung in the key of C Major. The song begins with a simple “D C Gm F Gm Fm” call and response and slowly gets more interesting. Here’s a link to the sheet music, should you want to make your own version. I should mention that I didn’t do any kind of actual analysis on the chords. I just wrote them in order on the staff. If you actually had this sheet music, you could probably learn the chords in order based on the chord forms. But I tried to write the song from the music, rather than by following the lyrics. If you’re interested, I’ve included a link to another story in this post with a video of me doing this song. I’ve also included my version of the song. (I found an old notebook with my music scribbled in it and I recorded this song. It’s the first time I’ve posted it.) Thought I’d share. The song was not my own, but if it ever gets on any major networks, I’ll get a free commercial to hang on the side of my car, so everyone gets a free car tune up. To change the mood, you may want to try the “Skin-Deep” version. Here’s a link to my new “Skin-Deep” mix from last night. This is a live version with no editing. But it might make you feel a little better today. The song itself is not very “Skin-Deep” and if you listen to my other songs, you’ll find that I’ve created some songs that can help you through the rough spots of your life. Okay, you’ve written the song, you’ve recorded it, you’ve tweaked it, you’ve posted it, but now it’s time to publish it. Or more likely, you




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