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Hi, My name is Jock Folan, I own an F33C (CJ26) Bonanza that I fly regularly at Lilydale (YLIL), Victoria, Australia. The aircraft is registered as VH-JLF (Juliet Lima Foxtrot or Jock & Louise Folan). I am a member of the US ABS as well as being a member and ex president of the Austrlian ABS. I look forward to being able to catch up and discuss Bonanza aerobatics should you (Scott) participate in future ABS BPPP in Australia.

I served in the RAAF as an Airframe/Engine technician from 1975 to 1998. During the last 3 years of his RAAF service he was responsible for the training of Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD) analysts, a process modelled on current international practices such as MSG3. Since leaving the RAAF he has been involved in a number of projects introducing new military aircraft types into Australia and the review and optimisation of maintenance policy for existing aircraft. Aviation has been a primary interest for most of his life with a number of years gliding experience and 20 years skydiving where he represented Australia in the 1989 world championships. Jock started flying GA aircraft soon after leaving the RAAF and is a current VFR/IFR pilot, a keen aerobatic pilot who currently owns and operates JLF as an aerobatic and IFR capable aircraft. Louise, Jocks partner currently owns a Super Petrel LS amphibian aircraft that they are planning to operate at their water front property in Port Stephens NSW.

JLF is one of only 179 aerobatic Bonanza’s built out of the 18,000+ Bonanza’s built, of those there are only a handful of aerobatic Bonanza’s remaining worldwide (approximately 80), JLF is the first F33C built (CJ26) and was imported from the US (N3881A) in late 2009 as a very stock aircraft.

JLF is not fitted with inverted fuel and oil systems and requires that aerobatics are conducted within a positive G envelope to ensure continuous fuel and oil flow for the engine, the aircraft is plumbed for a smoke system and one will be installed as soon as i can identify a system that will not leak. It originally had the I0-520 engine, but this was replaced with a hand built I0-550B engine, it has been fitted with electronic ignition replacing one of the magneto, an extractor exhaust system along with a few other mods to improve and reduce cooling drag. The aircraft is also fitted with airbrakes which are occasionally used to limit downward vertical lines and to assist with decencts into its home base at Lilydale (YLIL) Victoria.

As an IFR aircraft JLF is very stable in pitch, it rolls beautifully but can be quite heavy in pitch when conducting aerobatics were speeds range from 145-200kts.

Jock Folan

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